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Sorting through Virtual Cache Responses

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I noticed a couple of Virtual caches that seem interesting. One for example wants cordinates for drive in movie theaters - however you can't list one someone else has already listed. My question is - how do I know if the one I'm wanting to list has already been listed? There are over 350 finds on this one - Is there a better way than reading every response to see if the one I want to do is already found?




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Two things:


1. Providing an easy means for verifying which locations have already been "claimed" is now a requirement for setting up a new locationless cache. And many existing locationless caches already provide this convenience. Either a table right in the cache description, or a link to a webpage maintained by the owner. An example that comes readily to mind is Heavy Metal, the cache for warships.


2. For older locationless caches that don't provide such a summary, use the search functionality of your browser to search the text of the page for key words. For example, in the Heavy Metal cache I logged the USS Requin, a submarine. So I would search for "Requin" if the cache owner had not provided such a nice chart. To do this in Micro$oft Internet Explorer, select "Edit" on the top menu and then "Find (on this page)." Then enter your search term. Be sure that you've expanded the cache page to show ALL the logs, before searching.



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