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Which North Setting To Use

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It's pretty simple to remember...If you are using your GPS with a compass, then set it to magnetic north, because that's what compasses use. If you are using your GPS with a map, then set it to true north, because that's what maps use. If you are using it without either, then it doesn't make a hill of beans which you use! Hope that helps.

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What if you have a compass that has an adjustment for declination? Should you use True North or Magnetic North?

If I had that nice a compass, I'd set the delineation on the compass (about 4 degrees in my neck of the woods) to true north, and leave the GPS on true north.


All depends on how big a delination you have. Of course, it's all relative - if the cache says "go .3 miles bearing 90 degrees magnetic", then it's time to set the GPS over to magnectic north and leave the compass un-delineated.

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I use true North on the GPS, and set the declination into my compass. I work in UTM and use maps, so that is the best way to go.


As others have said, it might or might not matter to you, depending on what you are doing.


It can really make a difference though, especially up at my latitude where the declination is 24.5 degrees!




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