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Gps V Autorouting


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Alrighty, so I really like my GPS V - except when I'm waiting for it to recalculate my route beacuse it thinks I should've gotten off that last freeway exit and then, have immediately gotten back on the freeway, all to save .10/mile - the way the crow flies. I understand the concept of "shortest distance" when chosing an autoroute, but why does it still do this when "fastest time" has been chosen? I suppose the unit may not be "smart" enough to know the difference, but so far, I haven't seen any difference in the two options; even when traveling the same route at different times and trying both. So, why the two options? Any one have a bone they can throw me? So far, it's really only a technical thing, as I've been familiar enough with where I was going to know I didn't need to get off the freeway...but still, "I don't get it!" :laughing:

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Well you really should be seeing two different routes.

Fastest will usually take you on major roads / interstates if possiable. If your getting the same route in either case, either the routes are the same (like if theres weren't any roads thats are more direct for a shorter route). Or somethings not working correcly. Assuming the map data is right (once in a while it might try to send you threw a road thats permanent closes, or never/not yet completed). I would try checking and see what preferences you've given the unit, (better, best routes), what to avoid ( u turn, toll roads, gravel, etc). If you've told it to avoid almost everything, the shortest route it comes up with will not truly the shortest (but should be what correct given your requiements).

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