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Gsak Arc Filters And Mapsource Routes

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Sorry, I first entered this in the GPS Units and Software area.


I am hopelessly confused !! I have been trying to create a set of geocaches located along a proposed highway travel route between two destinations. I first create the driving route using MapSource and save an mps file on my hard drive as the help file in GSAK suggests. It ONLY includes the one route. Then when I try to use the filter option on a set of geocaches in one of my databases, sometimes I get an error that says Cannot open file GKAK\temp\arcin.txt and doen't load it. Other times it seems to work OK as long as the mps file is in my GSAK directory, but NOT when it is somewhere else like my Geocaching directory. Sometimes when I try a 2nd DIFFERENT mps route with the same database, and then use the arc filter, I get the SAME subset of geocaches even though the routes are totally different. This is really weird !! Any help would be appreciated.

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I just did the same thing for a trip from Indy to D.C.

I set up waypoints along the route to make straight 'legs' of my trip. I then saved as a .GPX in Mapsource and opened it in GSAK. I selected my saved 'leg' points and ran the filter. No problem. I did not know you could use a route from Mapsource to act as your arc filter points.

Good luck,


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