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"dropped Off" Travel Bug Logs

The Wildleys
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When you drop off a travel bug, when either logging a cache or posting a note, you write your log for the cache page, select the bug(s) to be dropped off, and click "Submit".


The problem is that you are never prompted to write a log for the dropped-off travel bug(s). We (The Wildleys) always make sure to return to the TB's log, edit it, and write something interesting for the TB's owner to read. I think we are fairly alone in this respect.


It would be nice if, after clicking "Submit" for your cache log, you were prompted to write a log for each of the TBs that you are dropping off.


This could be one per page, with a "Next" button, or all on one page. Whatever. The main point is that, at the moment, almost all TB "XXX placed TB in YYY" logs are empty -- and that fulfils only half of the potential fun of owning a bug.

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