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Question For 60cs Owners

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Since the 60CS is so "configurable", how do you have yours setup for geocaching? What data fields do you have showing and where? What screen rotation set do you have?


Just got mine a couple of weeks ago and was wondering what others have found to be helpful.


It almost seems to me that Garmin needs to add user-configurable, saveable "modes", since, for driving you might want it set up one way, for geocaching another and yet another way for marine use. I mean, "speed" is a cool thing to know when you're driving, but do you really care when you're walking? It would be nice to set it up several different ways and then be able to select one setup when you turn the thing on.

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This is a good question. I just got my 60C also and am waiting for the software and a Ram mount to arrive.

From my initial observations, I have only used a screen or two for each event ie, autorouting, caching, hiking, etc. So I would be interested if others are doing anything special with this unit. I like the stock configuration on the trip computer screen, but again, have not had it long enough to really say.

I upgraded from an eTrex Yellow, the 60C is an amazing unit.


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