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Easy GPS loc file


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Unfamiliar with EASY GPS (now there's an oxymoron) but check to make certain the map datum in your download is consistent with the default datum for your GPSr. If you set and WGS84 and your downloading NAD83, etc., it'll drive ya nuts.


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I haven't see any download with the wrong coordinates.


You might open EasyGPS and look under the File pull-down menu, click Preferences, and on the Coordinates tab make sure it is set to "degrees, minutes.minutes" and not "decimal degrees".


If that doesn't fix your problem, perhaps you could provide a bit more info of when the problem occurs. Do you download a .loc file from the cache page, or do you check a number of boxes on a search result? I haven't seen problems either way, personally, but more info help when troubleshooting these computer thingies....




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