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Recently I did the Ohlone Midway cache in the Ohlone wilderness and really had a blast. I just found out that I have another opportunity to do a two day backpacking trip this Sunday and Monday, but I have no idea where to go! The Ohlone cache was perfect- 10 miles of a strenuous uphill climb the first day, camp at a peak with a gorgeous view, and a nice leisurely 10 mile downhill hike the next day. I'd really like to find a cache with the same qualities.


I wouldn't mind a little less up and down, and maybe a little more shade now that the summer heat has really picked up, but I'm open to suggestions. Any ideas?


Oh, by the way, if anyone is free those days (Sunday the 22nd and Monday the 23rd) and wants to join me (and maybe BuckyDef if I can convince her to go), let me know. B)

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Henry Coe State Park http://www.coepark.org/ near Morgan Hill might be a good two day backpacking / caching trip. A couple of my friends backpacked in to Kelly Lake from the Hunting Hollow entrance and camped there for a few nights. While they were there, they attempted to hunt for Kelly Rocks, Tammy's Boulders, and Pacheco Falls, all which they DNF, so don't know if those caches are still there, but there's lots of other caches in the park (like 20 or so).


Most of the caches at Henry Coe are pretty well inside the park, making them long one day trips, but seem like would make a good overnight trip.

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Goodness, you've already done _the_ hike, Ohlone. Coe is a very good suggestion. Back in the day, George of georegeandmary rode mtn bike extensively there; he mentioned Mississippi Lake. May be hot, and they have those pesky mountain lions. Skyline to the Sea trail is cooler right now. Way east, ChuGuy has some caches near Emigrant Wilderness; 20 miles in and out.

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