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Deleting and archiving are not the same thing. Hoping that you mean you want to monument the log--'set it in stone so as to not be alterable', so-to-speak--and not delete it (to erase completely forever), then just leave it alone. It already is, in effect, archived. Since only you can change it, and since you don't want to change it, just ignor the options. They don't bother you that much, do they?



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Originally posted by Lyra:

Deleting a cache log is the same as "permanently archiving" it.


I'm not sure how you got around to interpreting 'permanently archived' as deleting. I interpret those words differently, especially in the context of the post.






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Originally posted by MINDEN TWO:

I have logged my find and when returning to the cache page I find 3 choices to:EDIT, DELETE , or PERMANENTLY ENCRYPT. I don't want to do any of these. I want to permanently archive my log. How do I do this?.


I don't understand what you mean by wanting to archive your log. It will remain permanently on the cache page, unless you remove it (by deleting it). If you delete it, you will lose credit for it if it was a find, and it'll be gone forever. Define "archive" in this context -- you want the log to not appear on the page, or ??

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I misinterpreted the original post and thought that it was Minden's intention to get rid of the log (like "permanently archiving" a cache page so it doesn't show up anymore). Now, I understand that what Minden was asking was more along the lines of "why are there options on my log and not on other people's?"


Minden, there's nothing else you need to do. It's logged. Nobody else can see the options on your log, and they're there just in case you want to change or remove it.


Sorry for the misunderstanding!


Always wear proper caching safety equipment!


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I wanted to delete my fuel milage figures of our motor coach from our system, before the wife saw them, but the wife caught me and threatened to archive my use of the family biological equipment.

...so I did nothing.... in this case and in the case of geocache.com they mean....


delete... gone forever to the bit bucket in the sky


archive... kept seperate, protected from useage




** The worst suggestion of a life time may be the catalyst to the best idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions.

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