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It feels great to be in the 100 club!!! We had every intension of reaching this club a LONG time ago. However, just as the snow had finally melted enough to start doing some serious caching, I had my hockey incident, and was on crutches for 8 weeks! We had been making plans for our summer based solely on caching.


The Hurricane had made a Cape Breton camping trip plan, based on our maximum Cache potential! Picked the campgrounds and the routes that we would take, etc. However, I certainly couldn't do the Cabot Trail on crutches!


Finally my knee started doing a bit better, and even though I'm still 130th on the waiting list to visit with a knee specialist, so he can book me an MRI, I ditched the crutches!


For our 100th cache, we wanted to make sure of a couple of things


1. We were both there when we did our 100th cache (no fun if it was only 1/2 of us!)


2. It was a relatively hard cache. We didn't want to have an easy find, make for a disappointing cache, somewhat tainting our 100th find. We definately picked the right cache! Phew, what a walk after just getting off crutches a few weeks before!


We are looking forward to 200 finds. I don't know if it's reasonable based on The Hurricane's schedule, and my own schedule...however, one good look at Moncton reveals a good 20 caches within 5km!!!


Thanks for the congrats!



(aka: The Geek of The Hurricane Geeks)

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