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For any of you out there that have owned both the 60cs and Vista do you feel the Vista out performs the 60cs using a compass.

I feel the Vista is all around better unit. When it come to the compass the Vista does a better job. Why would Garmin design a

unit that you have to hold vertical for best performance meaning the 60cs for sats and if you want to use the compass you

have to hold it horizontal. Make sure you hold it real steady and I mean real steady for it to work and by doing so you no

longer have a unit that will perform at its optimum performance because of the way your holding the unit. Is this a Garmin

screw up? Don't get me wrong the 60cs does do alot of thing the the Vista doesn't do how ever My feeling a hand held unit

is more for geocaching and Im sure thats what most of us on this forum are using are unit for. Please educate me on this

matter. This is what I have experienced


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I have a Garmin 12XL, a Vista, a Garmin V, and a 60CS. When I do as you suggest the 60CS wins no matter the angle. The antenna is so much better than a vista its amazing. as far as holding flat, its no thing. Anyone who has experience with a regular compass shouldnt have any problem with any garmin compass.

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Wrong Way Ron,


On your 60CS, go to Main Menu, Setup and then to Heading.


At the bottom of the screen it says, 'Switch to compass heading when below x mph for more than y seconds.'


What values do you have for x and y?


Try using 20 mph and 5 seconds. This might solve your problem.

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