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You Want My Job?

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When a larger company is looking for someone to fill a position, they look internally for talent. Since we're an itty bitty company, why not look within the geocaching community for talent?


You need to be a web developer experienced in asp.net, SQL and vb.net, and not just book smarts. You're basically working with me to eventually take over the feature enhancements of geocaching.com. I'm getting to the point where 1] I need backup and 2] I need help. Well, I always needed help but I think I may actually be able to pay someone to help me now.


We're in Seattle and there are no moving expenses, so you're on your own. I'm going to be extremely picky so if you don't think you can do the job, don't apply. Obviously someone passionate about geocaching should apply, but you also have to be comfortable enough to maintain a highly visible and highly trafficked web site. In Dot net. And no, I'm not considering porting the site to PHP and MySql, so don't ask.


Send your resume and salary requirements to jobs @ Groundspeak.com. I'll see if I get some responses here in the forums, and if it's bone dry I'll extend my search to the more traditional channels.

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After some emails, some qualifications:


1. I'm not taking my ball and going home ;)


2. I'm not pleading for help, so don't offer assistance in lieu of applying for a position.


3. No, you can't work from X state. You have to move to Seattle.



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