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Mac W/vpc And 60cs

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Does anyone know for sure if you can transfer maps from a Mac running VPC within Mac OSX via a Keyspan USB-Serial adaptor connected to the Garmin Serial cable to the 60CS?


The Garmin Serial cable and the Keyspan USB-Serial adaptor combined is a healthy investment and I just want to verify that this combination will work for sure.

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I have a 60C and VPC 6.0. I tried everything w/ VPC using Win 98 and XP to connect with my USB connection. All failed. I tried everything under the sun THEN I discovered the solution. Start up under OS 9, not OSX. Follow your directions in the VPC manual to start VPC under OS 9. I then used Win 98SE, loaded the appropriate programs for the 60C and everything has worked perfectly using the USB connection. Note that VPC and OS X currently has problems connecting to some USB items. Supposedly, V. 7 will correct USB problems. Use it under OS9!

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that's why I can't get a Mac - they ARE better machines but too little software, too many interoperability problems. It's not Apple's fault, its just unfortunate

Things are changing every day though. Also you could always have a really cheap PC to run the basic software that doesn't run on a Mac. There really is very little in the way of professional software that can't be had on the Mac. CAD programs are about the only field that hasn't crossed over.


I think there is hope yet for Garmin and the Mac. They seem to be a little more open to the idea then they were when I first looked into it 3 years ago. They are now admitting there is a demand by saying that they have heard of success with VPC within Garmins own support documents.

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