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Gsak For Benchmarks


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Now that GSAK 3.+ will handle bmgpx files = are those that are using it keeping the benchmarks in a different directory or just a different database?


The reason I ask is that I notice I want quite a few settings that are quite different from what I ask for on caches - things like how I want the names shown on my gps - have it set for %code-%smart, and am not sure if it would be easier to change it each time I run it - or have it in a separate directory - or ask clyde if these settings can be saved and chosen from a drop down list - or just continue this runon thought.

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I've been just using a different database, although your speculations are interesting to consider. I don't know of anyone who has tried to separate caches and benchmarks further...so I'd be interested in hearing of any experiments in that vein.


I'm not sure how you could "store" two different collections of settings. At the present, it might even require two separate installations of GSAK, one for caches and one for benchmarks.


Clyde has entertained the idea of changing the GSAK interface/display slightly depending upon whether a cache database or BM database is loaded, but that's a good ways down the road (can't blame him, as he only has caches to do in Oz).

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