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Mapsource 6.0.6 Beta Question

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I just got my Canada Topo Mpas today. I selected an area, made sure that Include Route Calculation Data was checked and suddenly noticed that under that there is another box for "Include Terrain Shading Data", however it is greayed out and I can't select it. Can someone tell me what Terrain Shading is and would it work with my 60C?

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to get a good look at terrain shading, look at Garmin's Aviation unit 296 and you'll see what it's all about. It's grey'd out because your 60 does not have terrain shading.


Basically, it shades topography in the area of the plane that are witin a certain altitude of the plane (i.e. you may crash into this hill, so we'll shad it red for you)


Their website has very clear pictures of this...

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