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Wow! Got The Garmin 60c! (first Impressions)

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Long story short. Dad wanted a new GPS unit. I got the 76Map for him, chipping in $150. He said that the screen was hard as hell to read. I concured. He returned it tonight as I took a little trip to Ashtabula to play Dance Dance Revolution in the arcade. When I came back I saw sitting on the table an odd device, and in a thousandth of a second I saw the belt-clip antenna.


It was a 60C.


I booted up the unit, and let me say that it is awe-inspiring. Truly bleeding-edge stuff. The color screen was absolutely beautiful. Tons of icons, very detailed US basemap, very good reception and WAAS compatibility (they need a satellite over the central US... :lol: ) and all kinda of extra crap.


We have a Garmin-III that's served us perfectly (except when my dad had to open it up to change the internal memory battery) going on 5 or 6 years now. I'm hoping that the investment we made in the 60c will be for twice that, and knowing the quality and supreme durability in the III, I'm hopinh to see the same in the 60C.


So yeah, maybe the 60C isn't better then sex, but it's up there... :rolleyes:


-Alpha "The Dancing Geocacher" Operator

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