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If someone was fake logging travel bugs please report the information to contact@geocaching.com


My mother recently had an issue where a cacher that previously had her bug and was watching it decided that the bug had gone missing after it hadn't traveled for a couple of months. That person posted a note on the bug page saying that they would put it in the travel bug graveyard soon if not contacted! My mother determined that the bug was not missing, and told the person who left the note not to place it in the graveyard.


I guess that story and the post here made me curious if there are many people out there who save TB numbers and take it upon themselves to determine when a bag is missing and place it in the graveyard. I know that I would be quite annoyed if someone made such a presumtion about one of my bugs. Perhaps these people think they are doing the owner a favor and don't realize the potential annoyance and problems it can cause?

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Just a question here to add to this thread...

I have noticed on the new Travel Bug page for when I own a travel bug that there is a new option in the drop down that allows you to mark your TB as missing. My question is this... What happens to the TB then? It is removed from the cache in which it was listed? Is it "grabbed" from the hands of the cacher with whom it was lost? How is the bug listed after this option is chosen? Is it simply put back into the hands of the official owner? Dropped into gravyard page somehere, if so where? Hmmm... Any explanation help would be helpful B)


Kirk out. aka Search1128

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