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How do I log a find?

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First of all log into the site ... then go to the web page for the cache you found.


In the top right corner you will see several check boxes ... if you're logged in. One says "log your visit" ... Click on that and follow the instructions found on that page ... take your time and read carefully ... shouldn't be a problem ... remember you can edit afterwards if necessary. If you are uploading photos ... they must be under 100 k ... this can be done after you log your visit.


Simple version ... hope it helps.



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Originally posted by Hawk-eye:

First of all log into the site ... then go to the web page for the cache you found.




Yep but this may help as well, when you are trying to find the webpage of the cache you found you can use the waypoint ID that you should see on the printout. You can go to the search page and just enter in that Waypoint and it will take you to the correct Cache Pageand click in the upper right corner that says "LOG YOUR FIND"





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