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"log your visit"

Team Texas Coyote
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What am I missing here? I've found two caches so far. Both times I have gone to the cache page to log my visit. After clicking on "submit" or whatever it says, then upon returning to the cache page, I can't get rid of the portion of the log about,"You can [edit], [delete] or [permanently encrypt] this log entry. It also says, "[upload an image for this log]. What am I missing?

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That's a piece of the page you get to see because you own the log. It gives you a chance to edit/add/remove or otherwise correct spelling/gramatical errors.


Adding an image to the log can only be done once the log is in place because it is tied to the ID number of the log.




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Originally posted by Team Texas Coyote:

So although I see the messages about "edit, delete or permanently encrypt this entry", you're saying no one else sees that. And I will see it on all logs that I sign. Is that correct.


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Right. When you're logged in, you have the option to modify any logs that were entered under your user name.

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If you want to get a comfort level going ... go to the site and log out. Then go to the page and view your log. You'll see it as anyone else does ... without those links.



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