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New Benchmark Log Page


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I might be a Forum nighmare because I only check in once in awhile.

But anyway...


On the new benchmark search page it appears that we can't search by PID. Z'at true? Typing out the designation (941 6841 F TIDAL) is a drag and many have longer descriptions.


Also, on my first log with the new page I posted the wrong photo to the benchmark page and it looks like there is no way to delete the photo. Z'at true?

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Thanks for both answers.


1st. I missed the (view log) link when trying to delete the photo. That was too easy.


2nd. But... I don't see a link on the benchmark pages to the Main Benchmark page for the PID search. To search for PID appears to require a jump to GC.com main page then jump to Benchmark Main Page.


It would be best just to have a box for PID search added to the benchmark search page.


Usual discalimer: Maybe this has all been discussed but I can't come to these pages every day to keep up. I'm in enough trouble as it is.

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