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I appreciate that GC.com has a FAQ, but it is limited. There is quite a bit of info in the forums available to people who are willing to search for it, but we as a community, can get together and create faq's that can be placed in a special forum . Then through peer review and additions, these FAQs can become part of an official FAQ for geocaching.


I am attempting to do this on my own right now, but I am still in the process of designing the site. I have bookmarked many threads that have valuable information, but the communnity is getting to the point where it needs a universal FAQ. When I complete my site, I want to create a forum where people can post their own FAQs to be added to the site. Obviously, GC.com is the correct location for this FAQ, we can do alot in the creation of the FAQ until GC.com decides to take it over.



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Wow. I had a nice long reply and the computer ate it. Grr.


Having a supplimental (and updated) FAQ is a good idea. I created one quite a while ago, and it can be found through a link in the frozen topic on FAQs in the Getting Started section, or you can start at my main website and link to the Update to the FAQ. It needs a little updating, and I hope to get to that before the end of next week.


However, I do see two problems with a user submitted FAQ.


First, someone will submit "How do I get coordinates from an address?" The answers will be given and other people can add supplimental answers. Two months down the road, someone will not read the previous FAQ and submit "Is there a way to get coordinates from an address?" Then you have two duplicate entries.


The second problem is that someone is bound to submit a question like "I can't get my Garmin 76S (running the update from May of 2003) to communicate with my Dell 4600 running Windows XP and IE ver 6.028 with Easy GPS ver 1.528." That's hardly a Frequently Asked Question.


Just my opinion, but I think FAQs need to be hand administered and updated.

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