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Help! Compressing Image Files

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Newbie Problem:


I want to include a photo for my first cache and also provide some "visitation photos" of a Travel Bug that will later be included in the cache. When I tried to upload the photo, I received an error message saying that photo files cannot be over 100K. My photo files are jpg images, and each one is about 500K to 650K.


I have access to MS Photo Editor and a couple other image modifying programs, but I'm not familiar with how to compress (or otherwise reduce the size) a file or if it's even possible.


Would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone can lend. Thanks a lot!


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There's a free program ... simple ... called Infraview ... that will allow you to very easily resize and a few other things ... you can get it at: InfraView I've noticed their site is down sometimes ... but keep trying ...


Not a bad little program if you want something quick and simple ... hope it helps.



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Thanks to all who replied. I solved my problem through MS Photo Editor. As you folks suggested, I first opened the file in Photo Editor (it was almost 650K originally). I then went to the Tools button, selected Resize and sized it down to about half of its original size (still about 300K). I then clicked the Save As... button, selected .jpeg as my file type, and then clicked on the More>> button. The More>> button allowed me to further reduce the "quality" of the image down to about 45K without losing too much sharpness. The method may not be the exact best way to do it, but it worked to my satisfaction and I'll improve each time. I will also check further into the Infraview software that Hawk-eye suggested.

If you want to see the photo, goto

Tower of the Four Winds


Thanks again to all those who took the time to help me out!


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