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permission Illinois Nature Preserve

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Stop by their office or call them. Be prepared to explain what geocaching is and how it can help increase the number of visitors to the preserve. Highlight the "Cache In, Trash Out" ethic that many (or most) geocachers have.


Edit: You might want to contact PrairieRanger52 who suggested that your cache be archived. If he works for the preserve, you already have a contact. I looked up some of his finds and although there are only a few, he seems legit. Since you have already placed the cache, it may be easier to work with the preserve on keeping it there. Take pictures of the cache location so you can show them that the area is not being impacted in any way. If it is, I'd remove it. See if there is another nearby location that would work.


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Natures preserves in Illinois are a tough sell. I had to remove one recently. The person who contacted me claimed that preserves operate under different laws/guidelines than forest reserves and that there was really nothing I (or she) could do to change the situation and that under the current guidelines her hands were tied.


Even though she was nice and courtesy it was an "end of story' sort of thing as far as she was concerned.


The cache in/cache out perk didn't work either. Bascially her attitude was "we don't want foot traffic". This desipite the fact the preserve in question has foot trails and bridges (and even brochures with trail maps). Her stance was that caching encourages people to go off trail.


I got the feeling she was getting her information from a warning or alert from some sort of circular or newsletter.


Anyway the thing the caused me to comply and remove the cache was the implied threat of possible prosecution. According to the Illinois Nature Preserve website, "The legal protection granted is the strongest protection for land in Illinois."there are penalties for damaging a nature preserve"


Given the attitude of the administrator I corresponded with it looked like an uphill battle. It just wasn't a cause I had to the time to champion. If you have better luck let us know.


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