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Alternate Types of Cache Hunt Types !?!?

Guest BryanG
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Guest BryanG

All the Caches I have seen are hikes. Cache is hidden on or near a foot trail. Is this the oly type of hunt?


What about a cache hidden underwater, ie. scuba cache (snorkle and a shallow dive). Or a cache that is off a Jeep Trail...Off Road Cache (4x4 required)


What are your thoughts on this...What other verities are there??????


Just thoughts... I have 1 find to my record so far!

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Guest n1niq

I think just about anything goes as long as you are clear in the description of the cache and its whereabouts. Just keep in mind that the harder a cache is to reach the fewer people there will be looking to find it.



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Guest EyezOfTheWorld

Different strokes for different folks. Many are very simple hikes. I've seen a few that require 4x4 otherwise it makes the hike twice or more as far. (Driving a VW bus myself, i'll hike it.) Personally i rather dislike multi and virtual caches. Interesting to me is maybe something on an island you have to take your own canoe or kayak or other kind of boat to. There are a lot of great wrecks and artificial reefs off South Florida that would make an awesome scuba cache. Or a daylong roundtrip hike into the wilderness or 10+ miles in where you have to camp overnight before coming back I'm a backcountry hiker & rockclimber so the more out there the better. 15 feet off a local trail or in a suburban park i find boring. If it was on a local trail then up a sheer cliff and sitting on a ledge 500 feet up, now that would be a find! When i start placing caches out west they won't be closeby, they'll be for the diehard extreme cache hunters.


P.S. how about a new Search feature: by difficulty?!?!

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Guest BryanG

Water Logged is exactly what I am thinking about...


Here in So Cal there are a few Dive beaches I would like to consider hiding a couple... one on the beach one in the water.


And then there are a bunch of lakes and such... Humm on islands is a cool idea:-)


There are some great places that these could be stashed that could really take this sport to another level... There is room for the more Extreme fellows here too!!!


I am soo glad I found this site... Now I just need to get my own GPS so I don't have to Borrow my buddies all the time :-)

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Guest prv8eye
Originally posted by BryanG:

All the Caches I have seen are hikes. Cache is hidden on or near a foot trail. Is this the oly type of hunt?


I'm new to this and don't know if handheld GPS works in the city.

But a wise merchant could agree to store a cache behind his counter.

When someone comes in and says "Show me the Geocache" he would hand over the box.

(Just remember to say GEOcache or he might think he's being robbed)

This would be fun for city people who can't get out into the sticks or are afraid to go into the woods.

It would also be good for the merchant who might end up selling a few impulse items to the hunters.


Gus Morrow

Oceanside, CA

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