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Negative Log Entries - Entitled to delete?

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I have to say it was interesting to go to the cache report in question and read through the various find logs.


Seems like the majority of the people who found this cache enjoyed the hunt and had relatively nice things to say about it.


In light of this I probably would have left the negative log entry since there are so many positive logs.


Jolly R. Blackburn


"Never declare war on a man who buys his ink by the gallon."

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Don't delete the log. What good are cache logs if we only keep the ones that are complimentary or those that we like? If someone chooses to be crude, offensive, or otherwise chooses to not follow the geocaching.com usage agreement, nuke away. I'm not sure that any of that was the case here.


If it's a good cache, the majority of logs will bear that out. To me, cachers seem to be an intelligence lot. They'll figure it out.


Even though there may have been borderline and unnecessary comments, there was good information. Pointing out seasonal road construction and avoiding a bad starting point were perfectly valid helps to others that may have wanted to hunt the cache. I would have appreciated that log entry.


As always just my $0.02.




(...patiently waiting for someone point out my non-uber caching stats... icon_wink.gif )

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