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EasyGPS Question

Guest Team JackQuest
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Guest Team JackQuest

I see that EasyGPS is available from the website. What is the 25 words or less description (just kidding) of this application and how are you using it.



TEAM JackQuest

Jack & Cyber


Base Camp N 40° 20.268' W 75° 37.969' (WGS84)

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Guest bridaw

Easy GPS allows you to easily enter one or MANY cache sites into your GPS unit if your GPS can "talk" to a PC. Go to your favorite cache page and you will notice the "Need help? Read about EasyGPS" link that will take you here: http://www.geocaching.com/waypoints/help.asp


That should explain most of what you need to know. The way I use it? This morning I downloaded 100 Southern California cache sites into my new 2nd GPS unit. How long would that take you to enter 100 waypoints by hand?! How accurate would they be when you were done? I fat-fingered the coordinates of my 2nd cache and spent too long spinning my wheels before I double checked my data entry. EasyGPS ensures I make no more data entry errors and the comments are also imported into my GPS unit, bonus! It is also a great tool for me to manage and shuffle waypoints back and forth between my III+ and my Legend.


-Brian (so it was waaaaay more than 25 words)



Brian & Terry

San Diego, CA

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