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Anyone use Garmin's Mapsource BlueChart?

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I've bought the BlueChart America's CD but have not registered for my unlock code yet. (I had to purchase it before April 30th to qualify for the $50 rebate).


Anyway, does anyone have experience with the BlueChart maps? The Garmin website usually allows detailed previews of CD's before you buy them, but they don't allow that level of detail for the BlueChart CDs.

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I don't own it personally but my father does. When I visted him in the Florida Keys he uses Bluechart for fishing and navigation on his boat.


There was a lot of information in it. Water depth, restricted areas, ports, locations of reefs, wrecks, mangroves, etc. Since I was more of a tourist and looking at it from the point of view of "wow that looks neat", I can't tell you about any high end usability of the product. I can tell you that it had a lot of information on the waterways near the keys.


Hope that helps some.








Cache'n Retrievers


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