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Garmin 12 output port

Guest cavetoad
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Guest cavetoad

Just what can I do with the little port on the garmin 12? hook it up to a car adapter, ok I got that one, hook it up to a computer? and do what? there's no graphing software or interface that I can edit points and upload them. What does the pc interface do?

Can I talk to other machines?

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Guest Moun10Bike

There are many software packagaes out there that will let you edit or create waypoints, routes and tracks and upload them to your GPS. Also, many of these programs will to lesser or greater extent let you download your data and view it superimposed on a map. See http://joe.mehaffey.com for reviews and info on virtually all of the software out there available for GPS.

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The data port can be used for alot of things.


1) Data transfer from unit to unit. This requires a cable with a Garmin connector on each end. Don't bother read on. ;-)


2) PC to GPS transfers. This requires a cable with an RS-232 serial plug on one end and a Garmin connector on the other end. You can make these or buy them. With this you can use Garmin's MapSource software to down/upload waypoint, routes, tracks, and maps if you unit can.


3) Since you own a Garmin 12 and you really can't use the map download ability of the Mapsource software I would suggest buying or making a cable and try some of the free/shareware software that is out there. I like g7towin program but there are many others. Try this website (http://joe.mehaffey.com/) for more info on third party software.


4) Another thing you can do is get software like Delorme's Street Atlas or Rand McNally's Street finder. Install this software on your laptop and hookup up your GPS and you can have your own moving map software in you car.


5) You can also hook you GPS up to a DGPS receiver this will make you GPS more accurate. I have also found a webpage that will give you software to receive DGPS correction transmitted over the internet. Its pretty cool I have used it on my home computer. If you had a wireless Internet connection you could use this on the move. Give it a try. http://www.wsrcc.com/wolfgang/gps/dgps-ip.html


I'm sure there are other uses for hooking your GPS up to things but these are the most useful I have found.



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Guest cavetoad

Excellent. Very helpful now I have some things to try with this new toy. I have a new mac laptop so I may try and get GPSy and then get some of those StreetAtlas programs and see how that works just for kicks.

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Guest peter

I think you'll find DeLorme's Street Atlas program especially useful. It can automatically upload the pt-pt route it calculates to the GPS12. Very useful when following the calculated route by car.

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