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PDA Mapping w/GSPR via external cabling

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icon_confused.gifI'm looking for opinions from those of you that use your PPC connected to your GPSR and track your movments as you would if you were using mapsource and a laptop with the GPSR connected to it.


icon_rolleyes.gifMy Goal is to connect my GPSmap76 or Vista to my ipaq 3955. I don't know which mapping software to use that offers me the most features.


icon_biggrin.gifI don't want to purchase the bluetooth GPS mapping package.



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My PDA is too valuable and expensive for me to be handling it when in the woods looking for a cache. So it stays in my backpack. It comes out when I need to take notes or lookup caches descriptions. I carry the legend in hand because I can drop it, get it wet, etc and not worry about it. However to answer your question. I use a gps mouse that stays in my vehicle that I hook my PDA upto for driving to caches and mapping/navigation. I like Mapoppolis. The mapping software is subjective and others will have their favorites. You can get a cable from these people to connect your vista to the iPaq

PDA/GPS cable

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As you do, I keep it in my backpack while hiking...my reasons are for driving directions only....I upload all GPSR data to the desktop into Mapsource and/or ExpertGPX.

Thanks for your suggestions ..I'll look at them...

Another feature I was hoping to find woyld be autorouting and voice prompts built into the mapping software.


Thanks ......Bob

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