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RFC: Garmin Product ID Database

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I'm currently developing a Garmin Product ID Registry for those that create custom maps for Garmin units. Below is a brief explanation. Input can be posted on www.keenpeople.com in the forums.


The product ID registry will be a database available on a first come first server basis. Users will be able to register their website and obtain a "Product ID" for use in the registry of the Mapsource product. This is unofficial and not approved by Garmin. The purpose of this registry is for those that create custom maps for Garmin Units to be able to have a unique product ID and not conflict with other 3rd party map creations.


Currently this will be hosted on www.keenpeople.com under the GPS & Cartography section. Development is already underway and the following is currently proposed for for the database schema. Comments on this will be accepted during it's development cycle.


To post your comments and read more about this visit the following URL.










Cache'n Retrievers


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