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The Auto Map?

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I just saw an advertisement on TV for a thing called an Auto Map.

It seems to be a GPS with aotorouting. It doesn't have a graphic display, rather it has a simple single-line text display and a keypad.

The deal is that you punch in where you are going and it'll route you to the destination with text and voice cues.

It also has a database of points of interest similar to my Garmin unit so just tell it you want McDonalds and it'll route you there.

The amazing thing was that it cost only $40 and that includes a 'free' car vacuum. I wonder how they made it so cheaply, what did they sacrifice?

If this thing is reasonably rugged and reliable, it just might be worth giving out to chronically lost people like my wife.

Has anyone seen the ads or seen one of the units?



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I have the $20 non-talking version of this unit.

As I mentioned, it only works for interstate highways. You have to enter on which interstate you are at which mile or exit and which direction you are traveling. Then you can select from several categories (motels, food, gas station, etc.) and it will tell you where the next motel, etc. is along the interstate, including the exit number and the distance of the point of interest from the exit.


So, it is essentially an interstate exit guide.


It also can recommend routes between cities using interstates (you select two cities and then it outputs a list of interstates along a route connecting the two cities; it doesn't give exit numbers or anything).


In addition, it has lists of cities along state highways, but only the city names, no points of interest or anything. It also has the phone numbers of motel chains and emergency phone numbers.


If you want a handy, lightweight, portable electronic interstate exit guide, I think this may be a good buy (I mean the non-talking unit for $20). Definitely easier to use than a printed exit guide, it might come in handy for longer road trips.

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