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GPSMAP 76S - Tale of Two Units

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I was able to get my hands on two of these to do a side-by-side test. They were both new - right out of the box. Interesting things I saw:


1. One unit booted up with an initial position somewhere out in the area of China. The other one I got booted up in the U.S..


2. I did some very careful testing to compare sensitivity. The one the booted up in the U.S. ended up being noticeably more sensitive than the other - in identical situations, it would find 1-3 more satellite fixes and would have stronger fix bars on the satellite display page.


3. The one that booted up in the U.S. has a louder beeper.


I kept the more sensitive one, and it works really well. (BTW, the one I kept was b ought via the Internet from a place that I'm guessing moves a lot of these units out the door - the other was bought from a local place that may not move too many. Both were the same software version.)


Just thought I'd pass this along for comment. I'm especially interested in the differences in where the units booted up.


Thanks, Doug

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I don't think it really means anything. It's entirely possible that a store with a retail side to it could have let someone "play with" the unit, and thus effect the satellite lock. It's also common, as stated here several times, employees often "borrow" a unit to try out and again could easily screw things up for the ultimate person who winds up with the unit.


Several times I have purchased electronic items only to return them because obviously someone had "used" or tinkered with something that was supposed to be "new".


That aside, how do you like the map76S, I'm leaning toward gwtting one if I can just get this reception thing straightened out. I'd be happy if I knew the MAp76S with an external antenna has as good reception as the sportrak/meridian line.



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