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Other Sources of Maps

Guest GIS_User
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Guest GIS_User

Does anyone know if Garmin, Magellan, or other GPS receivers will accept maps from other sources, such as street centerline maps produced by GIS systems such as ArcInfo or maps produced in CAD systems such as AutoCad?

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Guest jeremy

Garmin requires a proprietary format, though someone at REI told me that they were going to start allowing Topo! maps as well. Of course the same person told me the eTrex Legend had an electronic compass and altimeter.


I can't speak for the Magellan.

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Guest Cape Cod Cache

My first suggestion is to talk to a surveyor, your town/city's DPW or a college that teaches GIS. I use a demo/student version of Auto CAD Map 3, but I haven't tried to interface with my GPS. (I fear my poor old computer will have a stroke)

I do know of a program called GPS-Communicator from Nautical Software. With it, different brands of GPS can actually swap information. Works with handhelds as well as top of the line fixed GPS found on boats. I got some waypoints from a Furuno, Raytheon, Northstar etc. put in my Garmin 48. It's used at the docks to keep everyone clear of other's lobster pots and long-lines etc.

Proprietary software might a stumble. There are at least 12 different charting / mapping programs for marine alone , toss in AutoCAD .dwg file system, and I see sleepless nights ahead.

I wish you luck, I'd like to know what happens.

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