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Getting accurate readings on a Magellan Platinum when hiding a cache?

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I have a Magellan Meridian Platinum GPS and I was wondering do I have to do anything or change any settings to get the most accurate coordinates so I can hide my first cache? Do I have turn this or that setting on/off or is it good to go out of the box? Other then adding a 128 Meg SD card and changing the display a little..it's be working well out of the box! I was looking for a place to hide a cache and I stayed in one location to let it settle down a bit and then marked it..walked away and when I came back it was some 15 or so feet off! Hmm..any ideas, how long should I wait in that spot so I can get a accurate reading? What do you do when you place a cache?





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When the Meridians are motionless, they average readings to create an averaged location. The theory is that even with an accuracy error, you'll end up in the center of the bell curve when multiple readings are averaged together. A few minutes is probably enough time to get an averaged reading. Make sure you don't move the unit before you mark the waypoint otherwise you'll undo the averaging.


Being able to get back within 15' is acceptable - I'd be happy to be able to do that when hunting a cache. I'm sure if you let the unit average for a while on your way back, you'd find yourself closer than that.


The location page on the Meridians shows a location and an EPE while moving. When it's averaging, it will show "Averaging" or "WAAS Avg." with the amount time time elapsed since it started averaging readings. You can move to a different page, customize it, and show the actual EPE at the time if you're interested.


Hope that helps.




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