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anyone with emap can help maybe?

Guest Dino

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Hello folks, trying to use the "Finding an address or Intersection" option, mine is greyed out, And I read its because I need the metroguide software which I have, any ideas on HOW to get it to work? Manuals really dont cover it well......thanks any help appreciated icon_smile.gif....DINO :-)

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Guest Nostromo

You will not be able to access that function until you:

1. Buy an 8 or 16 meg expansion memory module

2. Buy the mapping cd and load something into the unit.

3. Oh, yeah, you'll need the data-cable too.


I found this out the hard way. I got the eMap for Christmass, I will have to wait for my birthday to get all these expensive add-ons.


If you read the manual (I use it as a sleep-aid), you might catch that, but it ain't on da box, that's for sure.

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Thanks for reply, I figured it out actually icon_smile.gif I called garmin, hehe, I do have the pc cable and cd rom, along with 8mb card, I got the emap "deluxe" package cheap at bestbuys for $249!......I then came home checked out ebay, and the same deluxe package that once sold for $399 is actually under $200!......good luck......dino icon_smile.gif

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