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76S update 3.40.... a few questions

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76S 3.40 update...

French translation update.

Added the option to turn off the recording of track points and vertical trip computer data by virtually turning off the altimeter. An altimeter status (on/off) determines when it is okay to save track points due to altitude changes and when to update the vertical trip computer.


What's up with the new altimeter functionality? When would you want to do this? What's the purpose? battery life?


Just curious...


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No, it's not the power consumption. But when stationary, the track log will sometimes be filled with a lot of points, just due to changes in the air pressure. This looks like an elevation change to the unit, but it isn't, so there isn't really any meaning in recording it. You can save space in the tracklog by omitting recording these points.


I agree that it seems that there are a few other things that could have earned the attention of the programmer first.



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