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Mapsend Topo and Streets & Destinations

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Can someone please help me???


1. Can you have Topo and Streets & Destinations both loaded and usable on the same SD card? If so, could someone please tell me how and/or give me a link to the info?


2. How do you download a map larger than 16 MB in Streets and Destinations? I keep getting an error message and the program does not let me continue.


Thanks in advance!


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Point#1: good question, I dont know,but I want to know.


Point#2: (re: the Meridian Gold)


"...Map memory is optional and available up to 64 megs. Note: In our MapSend Streets, it is possible to upload 4 map "areas" and each "area" can be a max of 16 megs. Thus, to fully load a 64meg memory, the user must select 4 different areas even if the areas are directly adjacent. Magellan says later updates of MapSend will allow a single upload of up to 64 megs....."


the article is over a year old, though (http://www.gpsinformation.net/mgoldreview/mag-gold.htm)


anyone know if the firmware/software 'updates' are online from Magellan???

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You need the newest firmware for your Meridian. It’s not avaliable yet on the Magellan website, but can be downloaded from firmware and other files for meridian

Than, using card reader / writer, you can load as many maps as you want / fit on the cartrige and just select on the receiver the one you want to use at the moment.


Andrew Kalinowski


www.GPSNuts.com Recreational GPS and mapping (hobby)

www.CanadianMaps.ca Raster topo (and some other) maps

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