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Meridian GPS and accuracy.

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I was wondering about the accuracy of the basic Meridian in terms of canopy, etc. Plus I was wondering if there was an accuracy indicator on one of the screens. My basic E-trex has an accuracy indicator (in metres) which indicates the closest accuracy the GPS can recieve at that moment. Just wondering if Magellan has a comparable setting/screen? Thanks,


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I have not done a lot under tree cover yet. However the unit has no problem locking on inside. I would rate it at least as good as the eTrex line.


As far as the positional accuracy goes, it works fine in the Meridian, as long as you are moving. The location screen will give the accuracy in feet (or meters). However, if you are stationary, the unit goes into averaging move. Then, you see "averaging" instead of the accuracy.


Hope this helps.

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To build on what harrkev said, it also displays "WAAS" instead of an accuracy number if you have WAAS data coming in.

I get excellent coverage under tree canopy, but orentation of the unit (vertical vs. horizontal) has an effect on reception. By looking at the sat status screen you can easily see why kind of reception/solution your're getting.

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In response to the first question, my Meridian Gold has excellent tracking ability under heavy tree (or bamboo, as the case may be) coverage. I did a cache out here that said that your GPS is pretty much useless until you almost get to the cache. I did not lose a lock the entire hike to the cache.

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