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Guest AtarisFan1084
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Guest AtarisFan1084

I was wondering what everyone thought of the eTrex. Is that a good model for a beginner to buy? I saw it at my local sporting goods store for $119.99, is that a good price? Also, what, if any, software would I need to buy and can you hook the unit with your computer (cable?). Thanks for any of the answers.

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Guest HomeChicken

I'm bot sure you could do anything with the cable with the base eTrex unit but to only upgrade the software as it becomes avalible. It will not hold maps but you could dowload waypoints also. If you could spend the extra $100 then I would go with the Legend like I did. If you could afford another $50+ ontop of that,then the best etrex to buy would be the Vista.



Bought a eTrex Legend on 7/24/01

placed one cache Here


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Guest Elwood

personally the more magellon units i see the more impressed with them i become, garmin units are nice, dont get me wrong i love my vista, but i think for a beginner that the superior antena on the mag. units plus ease of use might make them superior,

but my opinion gets swayed every time i see the shiny marbles that keep falling out of my ears....lol

just make sur you go to a reputable sporting goods store and talk to as many geocachers that use the units ...even ask to go caching with them, we love showing off our skills at tracking down wild caches, to neophytes, and then make an informed choice on what suits your needs best.

hope i didnt confuse you too much, Elwood

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Guest gnbrotz

DEFINITELY spring for the cable too! I use the basic etrex and the cable is very handy for uploading/downloading waypoints. You can use EasyGPS (FREE), Panterra, or ExpertGPS (both reasonably priced) from Topografix to manage your waypoints. I print most of my maps from Mapblast! and/or Topozone. The etrex is a GREAT starter unit.






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