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POI TravelFlash SD Card Reader/Writer

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I just got my MeriPlat. I had also ordered (from Newegg.com) a POI

TravelFlash SD Card Reader/Writer. The SD card reader/writer has a

built-in 16MB Flash Disk. I am running Windows 2000 Professional.

After running the install from the included CD for the SD card reader

I can save data to the 16MB Flash Disk portion but I do not know how

to see or access the 32MB Sandisk SD card I have in there. The SD

reader/writer shows up in Explorer as "Removable Disk (F:) but only

has the 16MB capacity of the Flash Disk. I can't seem to accesss the

32MB SD card that's in the TravelFlash. I know it's inserted properly

as it will only go one way. The Sandisk SD card is recognized in the

MeriPlat so I know it is OK. Anyone else have one of the TravelFlash

card readers that can enlighten me? I'm sitting here doing a serial

upload of an 18MB map now and it's taking forever. I hate to have

this SD reader/writer and not be able to use it so any and all help

is greatly appreciated.




"Blessed are the cheesemakers, for they shall inherit the earth."

--Monty Python's The Life of Brian

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