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Problem with TopoZone and MapQuest Only allows you to print two maps before blanking out??


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I am having an annoying problem with TopoZone and MapQuest. I was in process of printing the cache sheets for a cache in my area. I had no problems printing the corresponding TopoZone and MapQuest Maps (using the links on the specific cache page) for that particular cache. Did this for a second cache site. However when I attempted to do the same for the third cache I had a strange problem. Went to the TopoZone map and the MapQuest links for the third cache and when I click on the Topo Zone link I get a blank gray screen showing only the TopoZone header and a blank gray screen showing only the MapQuest Header. I've had this happen before-thought it was just a fluke at the time. I even tried logging out of the Geocaching.com website and then logged back on and picked different cache pages and corresponding maps to print. Same problem. I was again able to print two TopoZone and two MapQuest maps. Then I attempted to print the TopoZone and MapQuest maps for the third cache. Once again the blank gray screen appeared with the cursor being a line with an arrow tip at top and bottom (no hourglass). The actual cache page prints fine no matter how many I choose to print in one session. I wondered if there was a software change to the sytem-and is there a limit now on the number of TopoZone and MapQuest maps you can print from these sites at one sitting?


thanks, zoisrus

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It sounds like you have a system problem. Empty your temporary internet files folder (it is probably full) and try again. If that fails, check your hard drive for errors and try again. If you still have the problem, them empty your Windows temporary folder (it may be full also) and try again. Good luck!


Imagine life in a cacheless society!

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