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UK top cache hider

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Not many replies to this one, I hope you all dont think that I put this up just to shame the ones that dont hide many, as that was not my intention, it was only to give credit where credit was due and not to show that some just geocache on a one sided basis of find find and just find . I am fortunate to live in the north east, where the geocaches are good at hiding as well as finding , I look forward to the reply, and I am thick skinned so I dont mind critisism. icon_smile.gif


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What impressed me was Travers comment - not only have a lot been planted but that they are quality ones as well. After all anyone can go out and place tupperware in uninteresting locations. It's finding Great places that's the important bit - Good Job.



"We're not lost - we just don't know where we are"

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Thanks for your comments Nige. I think, and hope, quality is more important than quantity. It would be very easy to put a cache in any convenient hedgerow, but that isn't really the point. We have tried to put caches in what we believe are interesting places that others would enjoy. We have placed some caches in places that we haven't visited before e.g Fatlips Castle but have done a bit of research before we went and have therefore enjoyed new places as well. We have also been to places in the hope of placing a cache but when there decided it wasn't really appropriate for various reasons. We are very pleased to note that several places we had earmarked for caches others have beaten us to it so have enjoyed finding their caches.

I hope this doesn't become a competition to place the most caches as this wouldn't be to everyones benefit if interest and quality were not considered. There are loads of places we have in mind and not all will involve a hefty walk icon_wink.gif . It is not a race we are here for the long term.

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Unfortunately I don't think I've done any of Walker Dan's caches living inside the M25 ring (just). However I'd still like to congratulate him on the number and obvious quality of his caches.


I'd also like to second his comments on location being important. I think we all soon progress from the mindset - I must place a few caches, to - where would be a really interesting place for my next one?


I don't know about everyone else but I get as much pleasure (if not more) from placing caches and reading finders' comments as I do from searching/finding them.


More power to your elbow Walker Dan and I look forward to making another trip 'toop north with the intention of doing a *Dan hunt*




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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