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OH NO! Not the bears again.

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Hi everyone,


Last night we recieved an email from a fellow cacher containing the following link.


I have to say we were flattered.


Now, as these bears seem to have raised quite a stir, we thought we should post a note here because we have a problem.


When we started using these bears as a signature item we ordered, and paid for, 100 teddies. We actually took delivery of 75 with the rest to follow. We are now told by the suppliers that they cannot obtain the other 25. So now we are stuck with just a few left, one of which we are holding back as promised for the next cacher to visit JAG008.


I have got a resolution, We could spread the remaining few around by dismembering them and putting the resultant parts in caches we visit. A sort of kit form teddy bear but you might end up with a multi-coloured bear, you know, an arm from this one, a leg from that one etc. June says that even if she lets me live, can I really survive the hate mail I would get. Hmm! NO!


Hey, it's OK, I'm only joking. icon_biggrin.gif


Well, the point of this post was just to let those interested know we are running out of bears. But the GOOD NEWS is, we are now in posession of 125 different bears. All the same colour this time but with four different colour ribbons.


THere is one SPECIAL bear however. He is silver, so we are calling him "Silver Stallone". icon_biggrin.gif


At some stage we will be putting Silver Stallone in a cache but we are not saying where or when, but it won't be sometime soon, maybe, just keep lookin. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_wink.gificon_wink.gif



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As a confirmed T&J Bear hunter (I've even been known to let Tim & June get to a new cache ahead of me icon_biggrin.gif in order to get my hands on one of the wee beasties) I was dismayed to read the first part of their note.


However reading on I was delighted to know that my hunt can continue. I couldn't Bear icon_wink.gif the thought of having no more bears to hunt.


Great news T&J and I loved the photo! Who knows, I might even find a silver one someday.


Thanks guys for adding your special touch to the "sport"



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We just got home and completed logging all of todays finds, which included finding the last bear in the set (plus an extra who I recon we should rehide but Maria won't let go of).


As I was wundering what I would do with my life now that we had "rescued" a full set, I checked onto the forum to find this fantastic news.


Just as I was begining to think of giving up caching icon_wink.gif


Oh well, the bear rescue squad go back to work...



"We're not lost - we just don't know where we are"

London & UK Geocaching Resources: http://www.sheps.clara.net

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This whole thread is just a bear faced attempt to post lots of gratuitous bear puns isn't it? I can't bear it any more. Bearly a day goes by without more bear posts which I think should be dead and bearied.


On a serious note, I think each of your bears should be provided with a little gold ring so that I can write in the log "took a bear-ring from the cache location".




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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