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Permission for placing caches


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There seems to be understandable attention in the rules to obtaining the land-owners permission before placing a cache. As I am looking to place my first I would appriciate some guidance.


Most of the caches I have found have been on Forestry Commission, Local Authority or Borough Land. Do people -


a) Not seek permission


:) Apply individually for each placement? If this is the case, is there a list of whom to contact;


c) Is there a system for 'blanket' approval sought by admin? (A note on 'admin' would also be helpful; who are they and what do they do?)


Thank you for your comments.

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Hi there,

I'm afraid the legwork is up to you. You need to find out who owns the land upon which you wish to place a cache and then seek permission from them.

There isn't a list of landowners - it would be far too lengthy and impossible to maintain an accurate record.

On forestry land - I'm sure you will have seen the thread a short while ago regarding "blanket permission" and the status of obtaining that.



mobilis in mobili

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