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Wot ya reckon ???


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To make things easier when searching for caches to hunt, could the cache owner put the area or at least the province in brackets with the title of the cache when entering the cache to the site.... icon_biggrin.gif


Also, is it possible to get New Zealand broken up into at least north and south islands or better still into provinces.... icon_biggrin.gif


I know this has probably been thrashed before but I just wanted to thrash it again as it makes sence to me.... icon_rolleyes.gif






It's worth a crack....whats there to lose....

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Originally posted by kaimaikid:

...I know this has probably been thrashed before...


We thrashed it in this thread, Listing Caches by Province?.icon_wink.gif


Here is our final list of provinces:


North Island:




Bay of Plenty


Hawke's Bay





South Island:

Tasman/Nelson City


West Coast





I have always included the province and the narest significant city, town, or landmark in the names of my caches. This makes it easier for locals (from a particular province) to see exactly where a cache is without opening its description.


It would also be really useful to be able to view either all of the NZ caches, or the North or South Island, or the provinces individually on geocaching.com. It would be great if caches could be split into provinces automatically on approval. icon_smile.gif




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Yes, I agree this is a good idea (which I have followed since reading the original thread when I got into geocaching (for people new to geocaching, have a look back through the NZ forums as some interesting stuff has been discussed in the past), and following the lead of the other cachers in my area).


It would be nice if Geocaching.com did allow you to select NI, SI and maybe finer graduations when you hide a cache, but if everyone remembers to put in the (location) in their cache nickname + combining with Nandors NZCaches.tk, it is not too big a deal.




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