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J5 RM Zuuk Bashing Station is now open


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Well after travelling hither and yon through Groundspeak only to run into the usual suspects time and time again, I thought why not a place of your very own! icon_biggrin.gif


Here you guys can kick crap all day long. The rest of us can come and watch when we get the urge. 'Cause truly boys it is hilarious.


I am sure you wont disappoint.


Let the games begin.


Who's brought the beer?


You can steer all you want, but it is all for naught if your not moving forward!

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Thanks for your input Steeltown. Just to be clear about one thing though -- although much of it does appear to be bickering, it's not all entirely mindless.


I've had enough of Zuuky. He's obviously bent on doing nothing more than inciting a few locals here and his opinions now have absolutely no merit, as was made evident in the Why? thread last night. He is not open to any sort of rational discussion. It's also obvious that his motives lie elsewhere than in the pleasant continuation of the sport in our local area.


I will no longer engage him in the forums as it is indeed stupid -- it might be different if he were open to reason, but sadly that is not the case. Although I cannot tell anyone what to do, I would urge other local cachers to ignore his trolling as well.



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