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Looking for Benchmarks in Ventura County

Team Boogidy
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Saw your post by luck and chance, and figured I would reply. I've done some in Camarillo and a few other places. Mainly, I write a slightly more-formal report on them than I would for a cache, but nothing really extensive. As for hunting them, they can be even more elusive than a geocache, as most of the "logs" on them are decades old! Take the previous finds with a grain of salt, as many of the physical landmarks mentioned will likely no longer exist.


There is an interesting area in here devoted to benchmarks. Go to the Forums home page and look under "general geocaching"; benchmarks are the last topic. There's a good thread in there about spoilers and such. I don't expect that an serious surveyors or government types will ever use our logs, so I don't think we need worry about being too formal; our GPS units aren't accurate enough, anyhow, Treat a benchmark hunt essentially as you would a cache, but don't worry about being seen. And don't bring anything to trade, either icon_wink.gif

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and asleep at the moment icon_biggrin.gif. Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the info, I haven't looked yet but I am going to give it a try.

I've camped many times in the middle of what we thought was nowhere and have come across benchmarks. Now I know what to do with them icon_wink.gif.

The more elusive the better! I just love a mystery, hmmm, maybe that's why I love geocaching...

Mama Boog


...Running over the same old ground, what have we found?...

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