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Urwigo - possible to re-trigger a “on enter” event , when in the zone?

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Is it possible to re-trigger a “on enter” event, when in the zone?


I created a zone, and on entering that zone a message pops up.

On clicked an if/else occurs. Depending on what’s in your inventory a ‘input’ is called.

You get a couple of choices and if the correct one is not chosen, the Wherigo returns to the main menu, and that is NOT what I want.

I want it to return back to the “On clicked an if/else occurs” or the “on enter” zone event.

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You could do so via author script, but let's see if we can come up with a way that works directly within Urwigo.  From what I understand, you don't actually want to run the entire OnEnter event again because you didn't want to start with the message box.  Instead, you wanted to start with the if/else condition.


The input object would work in that you could call the input again and the same code would rerun.  However, that's a little too late in your process.  I could have suggested you mock up the message box like a multiple-choice input with only one answer, but that would show the message again and the UI that gets rendered is slightly different from a normal message box.


About the only thing I can suggest is to recreate the if/else test in the incorrect answer action.  This would give you exactly what you want.  The downside, though, is you'd be duplicating some of your code.

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