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Is it possible to play cartridge in background on iphone?


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Due to the recent revamp of the iPhone Wherigo player, I felt inspired to build a cartridge.  

As part of the cartridge, players will be taking a hike and the cartridge beeps at you as you pass regular checkpoints.  I played a similar cartridge to this and it worked fine.  Although the person I was with was using an android phone.

I was testing the cartridge, and with my phone unlocked, it was working fine.  I tried to lock the screen to see if it would continue to track me, but it appears that while the screen is locked, the Wherigo app completely stops tracking you or functioning at all.  I would pass through checkpoints and the phone/app does not recognize this.

Is there anyway to make the iphone player continue to operate while not in the foreground? Do android devices do this by default?  

Any help appreciated.  (not sure if this belongs in the hardware forum or the "Building Wherigo cartridges" forum.)

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40 minutes ago, Ranger Fox said:

If the app was updated so it asked for the GPS position in the background, the "always" option would have been listed in the iPhone's app settings menu.  Since that option is not there, the app won't receive GPS position updates unless you're actively using the app.


(The hardware or playing forum is fine.)


Thank you for the quick reply.  That is a very disappointing limitation.  I tested the functionality out on my son's android using whereyougo and it worked fine, but seems to be a limitation of the iphone emulator.

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