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BUG: Nearby Events

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Dashboard > 'Nearby Events'.


When you click on a date with Geocaching Events, it will list the Geocaching Events below the calendar. When you click on one of the Geocaching Events, the code is fighting to show you the event information and the map. (see: Before & After screen shots)


To fix the issue, in Chrome, I right clicked (the map) the first Geocaching Event listed and deleted the element below. This only fixed the issue with the Geocaching Event I clicked on. The 2nd and 3rd will still have the issue. 

class="activity-item-map leaflet-container leaflet-touch leaflet-fade-anim leaflet-grab leaflet-touch-drag leaflet-touch-zoom"

The 'Delete_element' screen shot shows how deleting the element does not show the map.


Just an FYI



Edit: This bug was seen on Chrome and Firefox.






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